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After growing up in Green Bay Wisconsin I decided to seek out adventure in Germany in 2001.  After high school I left Green Bay and moved to Dortmund, Germany to start school at the university there. During that time I also toured as a baritone saxophonist with the Glen Buschman Jazz Akademie big band. In 2005 I moved back to Wisconsin to finish my BA in German studies and music at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. During my time in Europe, I started studying wine, upon my return I enrolled with the Court Master Sommelier program doing most of my education in Chicago. While the Midwest is beautiful, the winters tend to get long, so I was compelled to continue to study wine and move to California in 2007. 

After nearly 9 successful years in the Napa Valley wine business it was time to make another change, a healthful change. That change was Life Balance.  As participants of our modern American culture, we tend to prioritize work over family, and even our health; the balance becomes lost in our lives.  Realizing this was the catalyst for me to get my certifications in Yoga, and Personal training. My goal is to help guide people toward a more balanced lifestyle through movement, strength training, and meditation practices.

I currently work with a multitude of clients ranging from younger athletes to active seniors. I work closely with my clients to design programs specific to their needs.

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